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Welcome to The New Hampshire Cemetery Association

Welcome to the home page of the New Hampshire Cemetery Association, an association comprised of municipal, private and religious cemetery managers in New Hampshire.  There are also some suppliers of equipment and services as members.  Designed to be primarily a tool for members, this web site is intended to:

  • Be a source of information on laws applicable to cemetery management including current and recent legislation
  • Provide information on technology and equipment
  • Promote meetings, seminars, and membership
  • Introduce service providers, e.g., cemetery designers, cemetery software developers
  • Act as a gateway for networking among members, providing a method of contacting other NH cemetery staff and trustees in order to ask questions and share information.  

The purpose of the New Hampshire Cemetery Association is to promote the advancement of knowledge in the operation and maintenance of cemeteries, to facilitate the exchange of information, to create and maintain high ethical standards in cemetery administration, both active and historical, and to secure the advantage to be obtained by mutual cooperation.  The membership meets in October and again in April to hear presentations on cemetery problems and solutions and to directly discuss mutual problems with counterparts from across the state.  Any person or organization directly engaged in the operation of a cemetery in the State of New Hampshire is invited to become a member of this Association.  The dues are $20 per year per person.

The Association Directors meet twice yearly to plan meetings and discuss matters that should be brought to the attention of the membership.

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