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 Past Events

This page is dedicated to the past events we have had.

Annual Fall Meeting 2023

Where: The Derryfield Restaurant, 625 Mammoth Rd., Manchester, NH 03104


Welcome  and
NHCA Annual Business meeting
(Secretary & Treasurer Reports, Elections)

Results of elections.

President          Mike Grab, term end Oct 2025


Vice-President  Jill Huckins, term ends Oct 2025


Secretary / Treasurer  Mike Horne, term ends Oct 2025


Assistant Secretary / Treasurer  Marie Grella, term ends Oct 2025

2 year Directors

Lisa Wood , Thomas Lawrence, terms end Oct 2025

3 Year Directors

Tim Morehouse, Roger Lessard

Term ends Oct 2026



1) Robert Perry spoke and here are some links for members.

  1. NH Vet Cemetery and NHCA (Aired on November 11, 2022)

The Hawaii Clipper:  The Hawaii Clipper was skyjacked by the Japanese in 1938 in Micronesia.  On board were 15 passengers and $3 million in Bank Notes as ransom money for Amelia Earhart.

  1. Amelia and the Lost Clipper:

  2. The Hunt for the Lost Clipper Expedition


    NH Chronicle – Bob Perry Bone Finder:

    5. NBC NEWS Jennifer Dulos Murder Investigation:



2) From Mel Bennett



Life Forest, GBC Class, "GPS Mapping for Cemetery Planning and Memorialization"


Attachments area

Preview YouTube video Life Forest, GBC Class, "GPS Mapping for Cemetery Planning and Memorialization".

"Annual Spring Meeting 2023"

When: Thursday, April 13, 2023

Where: The Derryfield Restaurant

625 Mammoth Rd.
Manchester, N

Tom Luongo, Mason talked about stone walls.

Jill Huckins spoke on using funeral home information to update cemetery records.

Annual Fall Meeting 2022
When: Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Where:    The Derryfield Restaurant

                 625 Mammoth Rd

                 Manchester, NH



50th Anniversary Celebration.

NHCA Fall meeting was held on Wed., Oct 19th and we had Terry Knowles as the speaker.

Many of us who have been cemetery trustees for a while came to know Terry as "the expert" on NH cemeteries and NH cemetery trust funds.  She retired from the State In April 2018 after decades of service to cemetery trustees.

Here is a link to an article about her accomplishments.


A meeting was held on July 21, 2021 as a special meeting called for after not meeting for a year and a half.  Typically meetings are held once in April and October only.  The special meeting was held at the Pavilion at the Stratford Hill Park in Stratham, NH.  It was a very nice outdoor venue on a beautiful day.  The Meeting consisted of three very engaging speakers and Q&A with each of them. 


First was a presentation by Lee Webster on Green Burials.  The talk was very informative and engaging, her work with the green burial council,  the conservation burial alliance, and her vast research on the issue made for a great presentation.

Second, John "Chip" Johnson, Right of Way Supervisor, State of NH discussed Right of Way, Eminent Domain & Cemeteries, and the projects the sate has been involved in during his tenure which impacted cemeteries and how it was all dealt with.

Lastly the team from Life Forest presented about their growing mission and another alternative option to "traditional" cemetery burials.  Their outlook and passion for their project made for another engaging and very interesting presentation


A meeting was held on October 9th 2019 at The Derryfield in Manchester, NH.

The presentations and discussion were thought provoking and very informative.  We would like to give a special thanks to Holly Haas, Professional Genealogist and Candia Cemetery Trustee.   Her presentation was a great opportunity for our cemetery professionals to see how they may be better prepared to assist individuals with genealogical research, how to leverage technology for the benefit of the public and the cemetery, as well as what documentation and records are most desirable to include with interment records, to benefit future generations of cemetery professionals and genealogists alike. 

In addition to that great discussion, we had another insightful segment where current cemetery improvement projects, focusing on funding for old stone repair and maintenance.  Many members shared what they were doing at their particular cemeteries and what has or has not helped them with varying aspects of these projects.


NHCA Vice President Mike Grab provides the following information that some attendees requested:


Document Preservation

Kofile Technologies

POC: William Stewart



D2 Cleaner

Atlas Preservation

POC: Aaron


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